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The 3 biggest mistakes all Businesses make with IT Support, that you must absolutely avoid:

  1. Trusting your business tech to the layman do-it-yourself in-house-guru.
  2. Paying the high HR cost for in-house IT staff that are not available when needed most.
  3. Thinking persistent problems will solve itself or not applying the right solution to the problem.

Here’s 3 Suggestions To Make Business Easier To Do:

  1. Get fast solutions to the problems that stop your business dead.
  2. Always have the ability to contact somebody live to help you with your problems now.
  3. Remain productive and secure by staying on top of the trends.

Let me show you a way to reduce IT costs and actually have it work for you.

If you do this just right, exactly how I’m about to show you, it will make your life easier.

If you don’t do this, everything else is worthless.

Everything else will fail.

Our servers are ‘in the cloud.’ Everything runs great! The few glitches that occur from time to time are dealt with immediately. Keeping operating costs down is important to me. Recently Jason negotiated and implemented reduced internet, phone and security bills substantially. Sheldon Fishman

Owner, Fishmans Personal Care Cleaners

Thank you – thank you – thank you!! You rock . We have learned a very valuable lesson and won’t let things get out of our control again. Well, We are gonna leave it in your trusted hands. Carrie Gould

Owner, Inside Out Design Studio

We started using BlackBox Connections several years ago. At the time our server had failed and out IT company then had no explanation for the failure and were unable to retrieve any of our data. Enter Jason Mirosh and his team at BlackBox. Not only were they able to retrieve our data, but were able to transfer to a new server saving us countless man hours Chris Rigby

Owner, Rigby Insurance Ltd.

Professional, diligent and Trustworthy! I trust BlackBox Connections with the keys to my business. I know my data is secure and backed-up. When trouble pops up Jason is on it immediately. I get a lot of work done remotely, and I can rest assured things at the office are taken care of. Domenic Arcuri

Owner, Arcuri Homes


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